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Expertise: Event corporate, Head Shoot, Product Photography

It's all about you

StudioClaro isn’t just about taking pictures. It’s about understanding your brand’s essence and goals. We craft visual narratives that align perfectly with your company’s identity and marketing objectives


It's all about you

 It plays a crucial role in corporate branding and marketing by conveying a sense of trust, competence, and approachability. Whether for executive leadership, employees, or public-facing profiles, our expertise in headshot photography helps companies make a positive and memorable impression in the business world.

Event Corporate

It's all about you

Corporate event photography is a specialized genre within the field of commercial photography, focused on capturing professional and memorable images of events hosted by big companies. These events can include conferences, seminars, product launches, annual meetings, trade shows, and more. The primary goal of corporate event photography is to document the event’s key moments, showcase the company’s brand and culture, and create a visual narrative that can be used for marketing, PR, and internal communications.

Product photography

It's all about you

The key to successful product photography lies in attention to detail, lighting, composition, and post-processing, all of which are geared towards making the product look its best. In the context of large corporations, it’s often about consistency in branding and conveying a sense of quality and professionalism. High-quality product photography can greatly influence consumer perceptions and purchasing decisions.


It's all about your needs


Up to 4 On-Location Visit
  • High-resolution digital images with basic retouching.
  • Online gallery
  • Usage rights for marketing collateral
  • Additional location visit 499 eur
  • All price are for Bucharest area


Up to 6 visit on-location
  • High-resolution digital images with basic retouching
  • Online gallery
  • Usage rights for marketing collateral and limited commercial usage
  • Additional location visit 499 eur
  • All price are for Bucharest area


Up to 8 visit location
  • High-resolution digital 
  • Online gallery
  • Full commercial usage rights
  • Multiple locations or studio setups
  • Pre-production planning and coordination
  • Additional location visit 399 eur
  • All price are for Bucharest area

On spot Shoot Eur 1099/ day ( working hours)


I recently asked Studio Claro for some professional photos (for LinkedIn) and was truly impressed by their outstanding quality. Additionally, my photos were prepared in under three business days. Keep up the good work!


Fotografie de Produs


Business Portrait


Fotografie industriala